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Compliance & Privacy Consulting

mitigate risk to your organization by being proactive.

Having a strong Corporate Ethics & Compliance Program is an absolute necessity for every health organizations, no matter the size. It mitigates legal and financial risks, protects your patients, and helps to uphold the integrity and reputation of your organization. An effective Compliance & Privacy Consultant can play a lead role in such initiative by conducing routine audits of billing, coding and documentation practices, and provide extensive training and support to your physicians and team.

Our STAR Compliance & Privacy Consultants are certified in hospital compliance and has a proven track record of promoting ethical management and business behavior through employee education, monitoring and auditing, enforcement and response, and prevention as required. They will work with your team to implement best practices and ensure compliance with applicable corporate policy and State and Federal laws, rules and regulations. 


our Areas of expertise

  • Knowledge of provider billing guidelines and payor reimbursement policies, including Medicare and Medicaid coding and reimbursement guidelines.
  • Strong understanding of regulatory compliance within a hospital or other healthcare environment.
  • Highly skilled in overseeing ethics, and compliance and privacy programs, including creating, delivering, and monitoring, and assessing educational materials in coordination with new hire and ongoing annual training related to compliance with current laws and regulations.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with Senior Leaders, the Board of Directors, hospital attorneys, and other high level personnel and entities such as Joint Commission, Office of Inspector General, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, etc.