STAR Medical Auditing Services
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STAR Medical Auditing Services

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Hawaii Founded, Hawaii Focused.

STAR is founded in and based out of Maui, Hawaii. Hawaii being the most remote island chain in the world, we as a community understand the importance of respect and support for one another. As part of this community, STAR is committed to supporting the local economy whenever possible on its journey to become the premiere HIM service and continuing education provider in Hawaii.


Kama’aina discount

To demonstrate our dedication to provide the best HIM services and continuing education in Hawaii, STAR offers a 15% kama’aina discount above its already-competitive prices on all of our services to clients based in Hawaii.

Hiring & Developing Local talent

To help foster the HIM ecosystem in Hawaii, STAR is committed to hiring local talent whenever possible. In addition, we provide mentorship opportunities for newly-certified, and to those studying to become auditors and coders in Hawaii.

Buying & staying Local

To suppose local businesses, STAR will always utilize local products and services whenever possible, even if it means paying a bit more. This keeps the resources flowing and the businesses thriving in Hawaii.